Abnormal Loads

Abnormal LoadsGovern Low Loader Transport have a variety of extendable step frame low loaders for carrying any out of gauge equipment. As you would expect from a multi discipline haulage company abnormal loads are a common everyday request for us. Whilst the load sizes can be very similar in terms of range, the carriage can vary hugely in terms of complexity. That's why at Govern Low Loader Transport we understand that planning and preparation is the key to a successful transit. We will take time to understand the nature of your load and construct the planning of the route to suit. We will arrange all the necessary paperwork and notifications through to ensuring the appropriate escort is in place. It is the attention to detail that we believe sets us apart thus ensuring a safe, reliable and cost effective movement of your goods.

We have extendable stepframe low loaders for transporting tanks, vessels, portacabins, structures and any out of gauge loads. 

We transport a range of abnormal loads including: